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More Quotes about Mark Dymiotis

By Murray Thompson MP, Member for Sandringham

(Excerpts from VIC HANSARD, Victorian Parliament, 11 March 2008 and 03 May 2006)

‘Mr Mark Dymiotis, featured his own garden in [the AOGS]. He had on display a range of his own produce together with breadmaking and winemaking processing equipment by way of illustration. Remarkably, in a suburban block, 54 by 150 feet, 2500 people visited his garden [2, 3 Feb. 2008] to have a look at his production of home-grown produce. Mark Dymiotis was an earlier coordinator, together with myself, in a project to find the best Mediterranean-style garden in Melbourne in 2004.

‘One should not underestimate the importance of backyard cultivation and sustainable practices in both conservation of water and productivity using organic methods that provide a quality of food, a freshness and health-producing qualities generated through the backyard production of both fruit trees and vegetables.’

‘I congratulate Mark Dymiotis … for his strong commitment to promoting the traditional everyday diet of Greece and Mediterranean countries.’

By Bernadette Touhy, President of the Herb Society of Victoria

(From The Herb Age, No 307, March 2008)

‘Mark’s meticulous attention to detail and planning saw his garden looking at its best.

‘Everybody can do something towards helping the environment and producing healthy, fresh food to eat.

‘Mark must be commended for his commitment to sustainability, his continual striving to educate the public to work to improve the environment and his passionate desire to see people eating a healthy diet untainted by chemicals.’

By Graham Ellis, Convenor of the Herb Society of Victoria Salvia collection

(From The Herb Age, No 307, March 2008)

‘People came to inspect and ask about vegetable and fruit growing, watering issues and generally to confirm that a standard backyard can be very productive.’

By visitors to the Markos garden

(From AOGS Visitors Book, 2, 3 Feb. 2008 and 4, 5 Feb. 2006)

‘Fantastic’, ‘Fabulous’,  ‘Inspiring’.

‘The way to the future.’

‘I learnt a lot – going home to put it into practice.’

‘Inventive, inspiring and thrifty just like my Italian parents were.’

‘Reminds me of my parents’ garden.’

‘Hope your garden and influence grow.’

‘Good to see a backyard put to such a productive use.’

‘Amazing – I should be doing more in my garden.’

‘Amazing use of a suburban block.’

‘A champion of educating the masses.’

‘Delightful experience. Will go home and start my garden again.’

‘It is the essence of passionate gardeners.’

‘Very informative and great to look at.’

‘A delight to behold. A sensuous indulgence.’