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Spring Onion Pie

Ingredients Spring onion Mint Onion Parsley Course corn flour White flour Olive oil Salt Mint, spring onion, onion, parsley. Chop ingredients, add flour and mix

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Dandelion Pie (with batter)

Ingredients Dandelion Chicory Silverbeet Chives/spring onions Radish tops Fennel Mint Parsley Onion Olive oil Salt Batter Ingredients Flour Salt Water Olive oil Other ingredients subject

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Thistle Pie (with pastry)

Ingredients Thistle Mint Parsley Fennel Zucchini plant tops Silverbeet Amaranth Burghul Onion Olive oil Pastry Salt Optional Other wild greens THISTLE PASTY – Thistle, mint,

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Stinging Nettle Pie (with flour)

Ingredients  Stinging nettle Silverbeet Mint Parsley Radish leaves Dandelion Fennel Rape Flour Polenta flour Olive oil Salt Optional Other wild greens Stinging nettle, silverbeet, mint,

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