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Sour Dough Bread

As with other foods, the confusion about sourdough bread is in the modern language misuse (“Dispute over whether ‘breads ain’t breads’ leaves sour taste”, The Age, 14/7/13). For thousands of years bread was made with flour – plain grounded grain, not … Continue reading

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Smashing plates

To Nick Xenophon and Annabel Crabb: dancing on broken plates is silly, not funny; breaking plates is a senseless waste, not a Greek tradition (Kitchen Cabinet, ABC1 TV, 16/7/13). In earlier years the smashing of plates was only practiced in a … Continue reading

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GM food

Before embarking on highly selective arguments in support of GM food (Comment, The Age, 4/7/13), Nicolle Flint could: address our current wasteful food practices; give preference to plant-based food so that we reduce the consumption of excessive meat and animal-derived foods … Continue reading

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Masterchefs / Mediterranean people

The article “Senior ‘masterchefs’ stick to tradition,” 28 June, THE AGE, is another example of celebrity culture missing the wider picture, resulting in unsound practices. Children have already been introduced to this culture of highly refined and processed food and … Continue reading

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Table Olives

Letter to the Editor The Australian olive and olive oil industry is young and risky. Learning from the experience of traditional olive-growing countries is important for successful and sustainable production and promotion of olive products. The large population of Italian, … Continue reading

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Melbourne Water regulations

That there is a serious water shortage problem is well established; nobody can argue against it. Continue reading

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Traditional Greek/Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is promoted as healthy and protective against disease – especially heart disease and some cancers and the Greek traditional diet is regarded as an important variant of this diet. Continue reading

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On their knees

On their knees

While most men get on their knees only once in their lifetime, gardeners like myself do it all the time to get rid of the weeds! Continue reading

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Stinging nettles

Melbourne’s substantial rainfall in September, together with the manure which has been applied in August, resulted in lash growth of stinging nettles. Continue reading

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Compost, with blood and bone to compensate for the woody materials in the compost, was dug in the soil in other parts of the garden to spade depth using a garden fork. Continue reading

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