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Sour Dough Bread

As with other foods, the confusion about sourdough bread is in the modern language misuse (“Dispute over whether ‘breads ain’t breads’ leaves sour taste”, The Age, 14/7/13). For thousands of years bread was made with flour – plain grounded grain, not … Continue reading

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Smashing plates

To Nick Xenophon and Annabel Crabb: dancing on broken plates is silly, not funny; breaking plates is a senseless waste, not a Greek tradition (Kitchen Cabinet, ABC1 TV, 16/7/13). In earlier years the smashing of plates was only practiced in a … Continue reading

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GM food

Before embarking on highly selective arguments in support of GM food (Comment, The Age, 4/7/13), Nicolle Flint could: address our current wasteful food practices; give preference to plant-based food so that we reduce the consumption of excessive meat and animal-derived foods … Continue reading

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